Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus
Education Committee of Minsk city executive committee

Educational institution

Minsk state
vocational college
arts and crafts
named after N.A. Kedyshko

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Инстаграм Вконтакте Телеграм Фейсбук

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Newspaper "Frescoes"

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Выпуск 46

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Выпуск 45

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Schedule of administration
Schedule of citizens reception
Schedule a telephone "hotlines"
Administrative procedures
Frequently asked question
Samples applications
Parent organization
Electronic appeal
Booking inquiries
Collapse About collegeAbout college
History of the College
Goals and objectives of the College
Collapse Ideological and educational workIdeological and educational work
Collapse LibraryLibrary
Literary lounge
Master, curator of the study group
Memorable Dates
Collapse Socio-pedagogical and psychological serviceSocio-pedagogical and psychological service
Collapse Interest AssociationsInterest Associations
Collapse Interest AssociationsInterest Associations
Sports profile
Art profile
Interest Associations Schedule
To help the curator and the master
Sixth day of the week
Collapse Public organizationsPublic organizations
Collapse White RussiaWhite Russia
Assistance of volunteers and tailoring of masks
Legal corner
Collapse Life safetyLife safety
Recommendations for the prevention of fires during hot weather
Collapse Drug Use PreventionDrug Use Prevention
Профилактика зависимостей
Guidelines for the safe use of pyrotechnic products
Профилактика травматизма во время зимнего досуга. Оказания первой помощи
Prevention of corruption offenses
2018 - 2021 - Год народного единства
Normative legal documents
To help the curator of the study group
The action "House without violence"
Collapse Usefully SummerUsefully Summer
Palace of Children and Youth
Sports and Sports Center for Children and Youth of the Sovetsky District of Minsk
Center for additional education of children and youth "Svetoch", Minsk
Collapse Student Labor UnitsStudent Labor Units
Teaching squad
Service squad
College Based Secondary Employment
Collapse Labor summer 2021Labor summer 2021
Collapse BranchesBranches
Collapse Department of Arts and CraftsDepartment of Arts and Crafts
Activities of the department of arts and crafts
Training Schedule
Assignment of masters of industrial training, curators to study groups
Training schedule and airing in training workshops
Collapse Construction departmentConstruction department
Activities of the construction department
Schedule of training sessions of industrial training
Assignment of masters of industrial training, curators of the study groups
Training schedule and airing in training workshops
Collapse Further Education Courses for AdultsFurther Education Courses for Adults
Educational services for foreign citizens
Training courses (with assignment of rank)
Training courses (short-term without assignment of rank)
Подготовительные курсы
Paid courses in the profession "Smith forging"
Paid courses in the profession "Joiner"
Paid drawing courses
Collapse Department of Pre-vocational and Professional TrainingDepartment of Pre-vocational and Professional Training
Collapse ProfessionsProfessions
Little sister of mercy
Florist, Green construction worker
PC operator
Hairdresser, Makeup Artist
Artist of design work, painter
Агент по туризму
Помощник воспитателя
Material and technical base
Masters of Industrial Training
Level of secondary specialized education
Collapse Material and technical baseMaterial and technical base
Training and production workshops
Classrooms of the educational component
Classrooms for the professional component
Premises for cultural and sports events
Dining room and room for receiving honored guests
Learning Campus
Collapse DormitoryDormitory
Dormitory board
Inner order rules
Правила предоставления общежития
План воспитательной работы в общежитии
План мероприятий, проводимых специалистами СППС в общежитии
Collapse Paid services and work with foreign citizensPaid services and work with foreign citizens
Education Services
Collapse Other servicesOther services
Children's parties
Construction and repair services
Normative legal documents
Collapse Our achievementsOur achievements
Newspaper "Frescoes"
Newspaper "PROFI"
Collapse Collaboration and PartnershipCollaboration and Partnership
Collapse Cooperation with the city of St. PetersburgCooperation with the city of St. Petersburg
Collapse SPb GBPOU “Russian College of Traditional Culture”SPb GBPOU “Russian College of Traditional Culture”
Collapse SPb GBOU SPO "College of the construction industry and urban economy"SPb GBOU SPO "College of the construction industry and urban economy"
Collapse GBPOU Restoration and Art CollegeGBPOU Restoration and Art College
Collapse Cooperation with the Republic of KazakhstanCooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan
Collapse Republican State Treasury Enterprise "Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after O. Tansykbaev"Republican State Treasury Enterprise "Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after O. Tansykbaev"
December 2019
Collapse Institution "Institute for Advanced Studies" International Professional Academy "Turan-Profi"Institution "Institute for Advanced Studies" International Professional Academy "Turan-Profi"
Collapse UO "Mangistau College of Tourism"UO "Mangistau College of Tourism"
Collapse Cooperation with VilniusCooperation with Vilnius
Collapse Vilnius Builder Training CenterVilnius Builder Training Center
Collapse Collaboration with OrelCollaboration with Orel
Collapse BPOU OO "Oryol restoration and construction college"BPOU OO "Oryol restoration and construction college"
Collapse Cooperation with NovgorodCooperation with Novgorod
Collapse OGBPOU "Novgorod Construction College"OGBPOU "Novgorod Construction College"
Collapse The primary trade union organization of workers of the educational institution "Minsk State PTK DPI named after N. A. Kedyshko"The primary trade union organization of workers of the educational institution "Minsk State PTK DPI named after N. A. Kedyshko"
Trade union primary stand
Collapse Occupational Safety and HealthOccupational Safety and Health
Basic regulations governing labor protection issues
Accident prevention
First aid provision
Photo gallery
Photo gallery
Collapse WorldSkills MovementWorldSkills Movement
A little about the main thing ... "WorldSkills International"
City and republican competitions WorldSkills Belarus 2018
Preparation for the international competition WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan
Collapse MoscowMoscow
Collapse KazanKazan
Collapse ChelyabinskChelyabinsk
Preparation for the city stage of the WorldSkills 2020 competition
WorldSkills Belarus 2020
Collapse Student workStudent work
Vine products
Painted products
Wood products
Forged Products
Collapse Straw productsStraw products
Straw inlay
Souvenir products
Collapse PaintingsPaintings
Inlay and painting
Leather products
Collapse Designer productsDesigner products
Furniture set
Collapse StudyingStudying
Группы учащихся уровня профессионально-технического образования
Группы учащихся уровня среднего специального образования
Расписание учебных занятий
Расписание факультативных занятий
The graduates
psychologist's advice
Collapse examsexams
Советы по подготовке к экзаменам
Лучший бой – тот, который не состоялся!
Collapse Учимся ответственности!Учимся ответственности!
Административная ответственность
Уголовная ответственность
Республиканская олимпиада по учебным предметам
The volunteer group «The Way of the Good»
Collapse SafetySafety
Безопасность в сети Интернет
Collapse Applicants and applicantsApplicants and applicants
График работы приемной комиссии
Вступительная кaмпания ПТО
Вступительная кaмпания ССО
Дни открытых дверей
Нормативные правовые документы
Вступительные испытания
О профессиях
Collapse ParentsParents
Psychologist's advice
Collapse Tips from a social educatorTips from a social educator
Media safety of minors
Collapse RecoveryRecovery
Spa treatment
Extracurricular activities
Collapse TeachersTeachers
Collapse Методическая работаМетодическая работа
Collapse Методические и цикловая комиссииМетодические и цикловая комиссии
Методическая комиссия преподавателей учебных предметов общеобразовательного компонента
Методическая комиссия преподавателей учебных предметов профессионального компонента
Методическая комиссия мастеров производственного обучения
Цикловая комиссия
Методическое объединение кураторов групп
Инновационная деятельность
Collapse Школа становления молодого педагогаШкола становления молодого педагога
Положение о наставничестве
Памятка для молодого педагога
Памятка для наставника
Положение о Школе молодого педагога
Аттестация педагогических работников
В помощь педагогу
Расписание звонков
Расписание учебных занятий
psychologist's advice
Нормативные правовые документы
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news Archive
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